Outages & Announcements

Fire drill on Tues. Jan. 24 at 10:00 a.m.

This practice fire drill is expected to take up to 30 minutes and includes an evacuation of the inside of all Lincoln Park campus buildings, with the exception of Residence buildings. Everyone must participate. Learn more here.

Retirement of old domains for email

Beginning on 12 January 2017, we will shut down email service for several older MRU domains.

Currently, any email sent to an @mymru.ca or @mymrc.ca email address is converted and forwarded to @mtroyal.ca. Unfortunately, this process is being abused by spammers to send junk mail to MRU addresses.

To address the problem, we will stop forwarding messages to @mtroyal.ca from @mymru.ca, @mymrc.ca and several other less-known domains.

We will continue to forward mail sent to @mtroyal.ab.ca addresses, but will enforce stricter checking that the servers sending such messages are legitimate and secure.

If you know of anyone who sends email to you using @mymru.ca or @mymrc.ca domains, please advise them to update their contacts and send to username@mtroyal.ca instead.