Outages & Announcements

Fire Drill on Tuesday, Sept. 27 at 10:00 a.m.

This drill will take around 30 minutes and include evacuation inside all Lincoln Park campus buildings, except the Roderick Mah Centre for Continuous Learning. With the exception of those in EC, everyone (employees, students and visitors) must participate.

On the day of the fire drill, the alarm will go to fast beeps right away. In an orderly fashion leave and go to a muster point. Please take the stairs: do not take elevators. Wardens will be notified when it is okay to return to the building and will let everyone know at the muster points.

For Students:If you are in a class, your professor will lead you to your muster point. Should you not be in a class but are on campus, then exit and go to the nearest muster point. Students requiring assistance should speak with their professor, Greg at 403 440 5569 or Security Services at 403 440 5900 to identify the nearest fire-rated stairwell and have an emergency partner aid them in the evacuation.

For Employees: In advance, please find out who your warden is and where you should gather outside (the muster point). If you are not sure then ask your manager. Close office doors behind you.

For more info, read this Q&A or contact either Greg at 403 440 5569 or Security Services at 403 440 5900.

Scheduled Maintenance


Unavailable from August 1st, 11:00 PM until August 2nd, 10:00 PM due to an application upgrade.

Unavailable Sundays and Wednesdays for 5 minutes 5:00 am Mountain Time.